Want to know top tips for a winning entry?

We’ve been asking the judges of FEIEA’s annual IC excellence awards just what they are looking for in a winning entry. Want to know the top tips? Read on:

What stands out in a winning entry are creativity, innovation, quality and, most of all, results.

One judge says: “The lack of a result-oriented strategy is often one of the most common causes of failure of a good communication initiative. Candidates should remember that numbers are what turns opinions into concrete results.”

Another respected judge says that he’s looking for clear signs that the communication is linked with business objectives, that it speaks to employees in an adult-to-adult way, and that there‚Äôs evidence that the communication team has made a good effort to measure the real impact of their work.

And another judge adds that one hit wonders can be tempting and attractive, but if they do not support established tone of communication, they are not bringing measurable results in the long run.

Want to know how your internal communications measure up?

You have until 13 October – the end of this week, so still time – to enter your best work, pitching it against work from professional communicators from more than 10 European countries – you can find the entry pack and class details here Grand Prix 2023 | FEIEA