Take part in a unique pan-European IC research survey

FEIEA has launched its first pan-European research – the FEIEA 2023 European IC landscape survey – aimed at ascertaining the status of IC and identifying its key challenges in a changing environment.

And we need your views and support.

Why is this research necessary and what will it deliver for IC professionals?

“Internal communication is constantly evolving to meet the increasing demands of organisational change,” says FEIEA President Suzanne Peck.

“The FEIEA community knows that internal comms professionals are having to be more agile, being called on to be ‘the comms expert in the room’ advisors for many strategic business issues, and in finding ways to make sure we bring everyone with us on this path of change.

“We’re reaching out to the wider IC community, asking benchmarking questions to ascertain the status of IC in Europe right now.

“From current IC challenges to where IC professionals are most spending their time, from the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of measurement to where we need to focus our efforts in the future, the IC Landscape Survey will bring a wider European perspective to help shape future comms strategies.”

The online survey is open to all professional communicators working in any size of company, as freelancers or in consultancy firms and runs from 10 May to 9 June.

English questionnaire

The survey is also available in French, German, Slovakian, Dutch and Italian – for language versions, please contact info@feiea.eu

Thank you in advance for your support to this important FEIEA project.