Belgian association Vonk delves into future IC trends

On October 18, vonk – the network for internal communicators in Belgium – brought together 190 colleagues to delve into the societal trends impacting the role as internal communication professionals.

Three key questions

The successive crises and ongoing digitalization place immense pressure on organizations concerning the execution of their strategy and efficiency. Moreover, the aging population ensures that the ‘war for talent’ is expected to continue at least until 2040. What strategic role can, and should, internal communication play under these circumstances? During the conference, these three key questions were addressed by 15 keynote speakers.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are evolving rapidly, but how do they aid us in our profession?
  2. Retention becomes equally, if not more, important than recruitment in the ‘war for talent.’ So, where should internal communication focus its efforts?
  3. How effectively does internal communication act as a lever for strategy execution and enhancing efficiency within an organization?

In the coming months, vonk will publish 8 video-interviews with the most remarkable speakers of the conference.

 Getting to know new peers

A vonk conference has always been the ideal event to meet colleagues and share experiences. This year, vonk took it a step further, assisting participants actively in getting to know new peers. With the “Conversation Starters” platform, participants could connect with colleagues. Once registered they could indicate the questions they have and the inquiries they can address. Conversation Starters then provided recommendations for colleagues to meet on-site.

New website

Connecting colleagues within the communication field and kindling a passion for internal communication in Belgian organizations have always been the mission of vonk. To fulfil its role as a competence centre for internal communication, vonk recently unveiled a new website.

The site should become the go-to destination for anyone passionate about internal communication. Members can access a range of practical and exclusive content, from blogs and checklists to step-by-step guides and reports, as well as a clear overview of the training offer and events. (the site is only in Dutch)