Award winners share game changing top tips

Clarity of objectives, people involvement, consistency throughout design and delivery, measurement and feedback plus listening – these are the keys to a successful and award-winning project, as  shared in the first 2024 FEIEA webinar showcasing some of the 2023 FEIEA Grand Prix winners.

An eNPS index which increased by 30 points in two years clearly demonstrates the success of the campaign with which BNP Paribas Poland won the best IC Change Strategy Award.

Julia Weglicka showed us how a powerful and consistent campaign translated values into behaviours and clear messaging thanks to people involvement from the very early stages of the process. I CAN was the simple, but very clear and consistent, message to which every employee could relate and make alive in the day-to-day activity.

Meanwhile, competition, involvement and recognition stem out as the keys to success of Quizer, a dynamic and exciting quiz game involving employees of Tatra Banka of Slovakia, winner of the Best Digital Platform Award. As Zuzana Ondrova explained, pursuing the vision of becoming the most recommended bank in Slovakia requires an exceptional customer experience, which can only be achieved with highly trained and expert employees. Hence the need for an exciting and motivating educational tool which measured results both in terms of employee’s expertise and customer satisfaction, to show that the company is on the right path to attain its vision.

Listen first. This is the best way to have effective communications. That was the key to transform an usually conventional IC event such as town hall meeting into Good2KnowU(2), an innovative and effective internal marketplace allowing YPTO from Belgium to win the Best Event Award. Peter Op de Beeck told us how to achieve two key objectives of communications in an interesting and exciting way where everyone is actively involved: making sure that people in the organization know and understand colleagues’ work; and bridging the gap between top management and the rest of the organization. Feedback showed that the mission was accomplished!

Watch the webinar webinar link hereto learn more about the projects and stay tuned for future webinars with FEIEA in 2024.